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Strider Competition Pt 1
Mia~ HomeStuck belongs to Andrew Hussie. Rated PG13. Focused ship is DavexJade and a little DirkxJade. Please Enjoy! Any tips to help my writing is allowed in the comments or you can personally message us.
Jade and Dave have been pesterchuming each other for the past couple hours, restless and excited. Jade was going to Texas to see Dave to celebrate Halloween. She was only a few hours until the next day started for Jade to leave Hawaii. Of course, Jade knew a few things about Halloween. Like trick-or-treating required wearing a costume and going to a bunch of houses to get free candy. She was excited to trick-or-treat, not only to dress up, but to get free candy! "What are you going to dress up as?" She asked the blonde, as she was checking she packed everything she needed for a few weeks.
    "I'm just wearing a plain shirt that says 'this is my costume. deal with it'." Dave responded, hiding in his room so his brother, Dirk, doesn't barge in to ask to
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Mia's SolKat Drawing by Theleagueofweirdgirl Mia's SolKat Drawing :icontheleagueofweirdgirl:Theleagueofweirdgirl 1 1 Mia's Back by Theleagueofweirdgirl Mia's Back :icontheleagueofweirdgirl:Theleagueofweirdgirl 1 0 I'm back by Theleagueofweirdgirl I'm back :icontheleagueofweirdgirl:Theleagueofweirdgirl 2 0
Bro to Bro Talk
       You are Dave Strider the master of the stoic stare and ironic jokes. You were going to go to the living room when you of course saw your Bro. Yes the brother that has taught you everything and likes to fuck with your mind. Yep you don't really want to see him maybe just maybe you'll be able to escape from him. Okay your now moving behind the couch maybe you can get get to the door or kitchen but of course you look up and see Bro staring at you with a smirk.
              "Hey Dave." Bro said with a chuckle. Shit! Now your screwed and have to deal with him.
              "Oh hey Bro what's up?" Great nothing works out know you have to deal with your brother also guess what he still thinks you have a thing for Egbert which may or may not be true.
              "Nothing so what are you doing behind the couch avoiding me?" He asked with a smug grin like he kno
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A Time to Remember~Part One
  Mia~I've decided to write a fanfiction on DaveJade so I hope you guys read it and let me know what you guys think. Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie and this is PG13 (I think...). Please enjoy and no hate! Thanks! 
  Dave and I have been fighting about what to write about for our English Class Story. I want to do a story with gods and goddesses but he wants to do a story in the middle ages. "JADE! WE ARE NOT DOING A STORY ON GODDESSES!! ITS NOT COOL!" Dave yelled at me afterschool as we walked to his house. I just rolled my eyes annoyed at how he called my idea girly when he wants to do a time where the Disney Princesses are from.  Somtimes I don't get how irony works.... is that even involved in irony? I guess so, since Dave can make almost everything ironic. "Jade!? Are you listening!?" Well obviously not since I'm walking and thinking about how you Striders do irony. I suddenly hit the tall blonde's back when he suddenly stopped walking. "Dave! Why are
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New drawing for the day by Theleagueofweirdgirl New drawing for the day :icontheleagueofweirdgirl:Theleagueofweirdgirl 2 0 Untitled Drawing by Theleagueofweirdgirl Untitled Drawing :icontheleagueofweirdgirl:Theleagueofweirdgirl 0 0
Can Feel The Gay Tonight
       So Dave and John have been best friend friends since forever but they both keep feeling weird when they see each other. It's not bad but it could make a lot of things awkward for everyone So right now they chose to leave it alone for now. But right now John and Dave decide to wait for Jade and Rose at John's house and for irony purposes decide to watch the lions king. Everything was going fine so far you know just joking around until the song came on. Can you feel the love tonight a song that makes anyone feel all romantic and such.
           "So You come here often?" Dave says awkwardly trying to hid his little blush that appeared on his face.
           "No Dave it's my first time here." John said full of sarcasm.
           "Chill egbert I was joking. What are you on your period?" Dave says with a smirk on his face.
           "Shut up D
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Homo Chicken
  Dave and John were hanging out at Dave's house, trying to think of what to do. Then Dave smirked and asked John mischievously "Do you know what Gay Chicken is?" John shook his head, curious at what Dave was planning. "Have you heard of Homo Chicken or Dorky Chicken?" Now Dave was smiling very mischievously.
  "Dave, why are you asking me if I know games that have chicken at the of weird words?" John asked wanting to kow what the blonde was thinking.
  "Well..... We'll play Homo Chicken." Dave stood up, thinking of the rules of his new game. "All you have to do is see how homo you can go without actually being homo" A noticeable and mischievous smirk was across Dave's face.
  "Okay!" John stood in front of Dave , confident he'll win but not knowing what Dave was planning. "Bring it on Strider!"
  Dave took a step closer to John , their bodies against eachother. "Prepare to be beat Egderp." Dave wrapped his arms around John's waist, blushing slightly.
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Nothing Really by Theleagueofweirdgirl Nothing Really :icontheleagueofweirdgirl:Theleagueofweirdgirl 0 0 Smoke by Theleagueofweirdgirl Smoke :icontheleagueofweirdgirl:Theleagueofweirdgirl 0 0
Win-Win Situation
       John Egbert a popular jock with black fluffy hair and blue eyes decide to confess to the lanky, blond, hipster he has had a crush on for forever but sadly it did not go as planned. He actually asked Dave to come to house for a movie date but of course Dave took it as an opportunity to take pictures of him because Dave of course cares only about pictures. Now he is waiting at his house for him even though he gets no making out. "Dig dong." Now the hipster is at his front door. We'll at least he gets to see because he knows Dave doesn't always like to be around John you know cause he flirts with him and fails.
              "Coming!" John screamed ready to see his favorite person. As he opens the door he can see the face of him and his frown on his face. "We'll don't you look happy today." John said sarcasm in his voice which of course earned him a bigger frown.
              "Yeah we'll fuck
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Okay so it's Mia here and I thought I'd try this since it's a new year and all. I was thinking of maybe putting some rants or ideas I have that could maybe let people see things differently or just read something out of boredom or something. Not sure why people would read these really. I just like writing and kind have a part of me that's like Kankri that just needs to rant about something since I personally don't get a lot of things off my chest and since a lot of these things are about the outside world, I thought "why not be that girl who's just writing stuff and helps other people somehow?" It's a weird thought, I know but whatever. This is me and I am weird and proud of it. So here's my first entry guys. Maybe you guys could comment why you read this entry. It doesn't matter if it's just a "I'm bored" or "Seemed interesting" you can put whatever reason why you read this. I think it'd be pretty cool to actually see people who read this. Anyways, thanks for reading this really long journal like geez. I type way too much.

Note to any Homestuck Fans, if you haven't already seen them around youtube check out Artfulimpersonator's videos and yes they have a deviantart so check them out! They're awesome!
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Liv~ Hi I'm Liv and I decided to do this account because I'm a fangirl. I'm doing this with Mia because I can't draw well.
Mia~ I'm a fangirl, artist, writer and Liv's best friend. I'm doing this because i don't make good ideas so we combine her ideas with my skills.
Credit goes to rightful owners and ideas are our's unless we say otherwise on our posts.


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